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4 Channel Festoon Controller 4000 watt

Hire Weekly

£20.00 (£24.00 incl. VAT at 20%)

The controller covers up to 4 channels which can be connected to the rear of the unit using 4x 16 Amp plugs.

* The festoon controller has 32 in built patterns which can be chased at an adjustable speed or to the beat of the music or sound to light mode.

* A smart fade is ideal for slow dances to create the right atmosphere.

* The controller can also change the pattern for you automatically at regular intervals using the auto-patterns mode

* The unit also has a digital master fader which helps in smaller venues where full power is not required.

* 16 Amp outlets, festoon & other incandescent lights can be plugged in

* Sound - Internal microphone

* Max load Channel - 5 Amps

* Max unit load - 16 Amps

* Power Supply - 220-250V AC

* Display - 2x 7 Red Segment LED

We use this controller with our festoon carousel to create an effect
(;lights flowing downwards) & many other amzing effects can be created to suit anyones taste / theme / atmosphere.