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We supplied festoon lights, smoke machine, PA system and a quiet diesel generator with distribution for Lifton Farm shop's recent carnival float.

THIS year we are able to offer hire of an INVERTER which eliminates the need of having a generator.

Our Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters are an ideal solution for portable mains 240V ac power, when a generator could be inconvenient such as exhaust fumes which could be potentially dangerous and fire safety regarding petrol or diesel. We have found our inverters popular for carnival floats when equipment such as lighting and audio (PA) equipment needs to be powered safely as well as being effective.

Our inverters need to be connected to the vehicle battery or to a set of fully charged leisure batteries. We can provide the necessary leads and connections. We are happy to help connect and set up your carnival float with you or any other application you may want our inverter for.

For PRICES and a more detailed description please push on this link: Inverters which will connect you with our products page. For more information please give us a call : 07791962631

Carnivlal lighting inverter
Generators and lighting for carnival floats